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Not just a promoted post! We use our proprietary Likely Mover Profile to display your ads to qualified people in the area.

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Tested, compelling messaging delivered directly to buyers and sellers on their mobile phones will make you stand out!

Using new "Lead Capture" technology, our ads simplify the process for a user to become a lead - and you get immediate notifications!

Leads Made Simple

Ads With Results

3-day campaign

5 leads

7-day campaign

23 leads

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"​I got a list of people's names and phone numbers, and I've never gotten that from a postcard campaign!  This product is great.  I highly recommend it."  
-Patrick G.



3-Day Campaign


198 clicks

11 leads




3 Days



7 Days

Save $31

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14 Days

Save $113

"I liked the way the emails came to me right away with the name, phone number and email."

-Frank P., J. Peter Realtors

"The ad produced results. I have never had post cards work this effectively. Within 24 hours of it going live I had 800+ views, 20+ clicks and 2 leads."

-Chris L., Little Real Estate Services

"My campaigns were a great success. They had a good reach to the expected audience, and the support team was very willing to work with me and my timeline. They were responsive and great at listening. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone hoping to grow their lead base!"

-Shay K., Insight Realty Partners

"I like this new system. It's like an online open house. For the price it's well worth spending for the leads you get."

-Frank P., J. Peter Realtors

"My campaign generated a buyer client in the first 24 hours of running. Couldn’t be happier with the results!"

-Aaron P., Century 21

"I have used justlisted.social ads several times and have been quite pleased with the results. For $99, I ran a 3-day ad that received hundreds of hits and more than a dozen buyer leads with their contact information! And the process is sooo easy. I plan on running just listed ads for all of my new listings."

-Rhonda S., Keller Williams Realty

Brokerage Program

Our brokerage program is a completely automated enterprise solution, providing an industry leading advertising product with significant volume discounting. Designed to deliver leads to your agents in real-time while driving brand awareness and web traffic for your company, our Just Listed Facebook Ads generate a return on investment you won't find elsewhere.

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